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Welcome to Healthily Ever After!

We’re a little health food shop located in the beautiful village of Merrickville, Ontario. We want to provide our friends, family, neighbours and community with access to healthy, fresh, local, sustainable grown food.

In addition to a wide range of local products, as well as gluten free, vegan/vegetarian and organic food options, you’ll also find some unique zero waste products and hand crafted goods from local artists and artisans here. Our goal is to support the many wonderful farmers and producers in our community, bridging the gap between them and those like ourselves who want to support our local economy and encourage sustainable food production.

We are also big believers that the way we eat is the foundation of our general health and well-being, and that having healthy food options available and accessible is crucial when taking those first steps on the road to a healthier overall lifestyle.

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Photos by Joy Bryant - Coba Studios | Merrickville

What Our customers say

Such a lovely store with all types of local items for every taste.


I love the fresh produce and the fact that if you don't see it, Claire will find it for you.



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